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Campaign Description

This is a continuing in-person campaign that takes place on the plane of Sevænus. The players are primarily new gamers, so there is a slight railroad at the moment, which will loosen up into a sandbox once they get more comfortable.

After much consideration, research, and debate (mostly with myself), this campaign has changed from the D&D v3.5 rules to the Pathfinder rule system.

Most of the referenced House Rules have become obsolete and are no longer valid.

House Rules

World Description

The prime material plane of Sevænus would appear to be an alternate dimension to our earth. The basic geography is the same with a few differences, the most significant is that distances are only about 40% of those on our earth, and all the names are changed.
Our story takes place mostly in the Central Provinces of Upper Armecia, with some events in the Ancient Lands to the southwest and City-States of the eastern coast.

Sextant on map

Game Progress

These are divided into sections of the story, not individual sessions, and are updated/created at the completion of a chapter.

Part 0 – Our Story Begins…
Part 1 – Getting Established
Part 2 – Something Is Up
Part 3 – And So, It Begins
Part 4 – More Than Meets the Eye
Part 5 – The Journey Continues
Part 6 – To Venture Once More
Part 7 – Trouble on the Home Front (in progress)

Cast of Characters

Our Heroes

Dagen – Player: John
Finn – Player: Hollie
Janella – Player: Julie
Lorien – Player: Rachel
Thunk – Player: Kyle
Wolly – Player: NPC
Zo – Player: Erin
Kaenin – Player: Aaron

Supporting Cast

Lord Blackwall
Capt. Garnt
Cmdr. Shoder

The Opposition (aka “The Bad Guys”)

Cult of Tolmet
Vadeshek Assassins

The Prophecy

Song of the Shadow


The Glass of Zyn’Kara
Endroc “Emerald” Dagger
Tembral “Amethyst” Shard
D’Hadran “Jacinth” Goblet

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