Song of the Shadow

The Song of the Shadow
(A Prophecy)

Known to the seers,
An anarchy sensed,
The curiosity of sages,
A journey commenced.

Taken from thieving rats,
Underneath the landed flats,
Reflections tell of pending doom,
Six of nine stand in the room.

The herald of Shadow approaches,
Bringing the power of the Dark,
All will come to ruin,
If Evil hits the mark.

Lives changed, cities burned,
Lands ravaged, tables turned,
Memories fade to dust,
Love no more, only lust.

Behold, all hope is not lost,
The day may still be won,
When stones quintet fade,
Provisions shall be done.

One by one, as items obtained,
Knowledge and power will be gained,
From a vile realm untold,
The Dark Shadow shall unfold.

To stop the rising Darkness,
Need ancient relics three,
To combine their awesome power,
The Jewel of Purity.

Fiendish beings kill one more,
A drop of blood falls to the floor,
Steely blades sunder skin,
The Shadow Battle will begin.

First, a bladed dagger,
Of fallen Endroc Empire,
Flashing emerald green,
Lost in ruined spire.

Little girl born of Lin’stoar,
Cursed demons beat down her door,
Upon the altar life destroyed,
Another soul lost to the Void.

Next, a broken shard,
Of olden Tembral land,
Shining amethyst crystal,
Hidden ‘neath the sand.

A heart is broken, the spirit dies,
One more victim of whispered lies,
Like a sickness, Darkness creeps,
Grieving mother softly weeps.

Then, a sacred chalice,
Of grand D’Hadran state,
Smoky jacinth ewer,
Beyond the alpine gate.

A world falls, a lesson learned,
All the land torched and burned,
Such the fate should Evil succeed,
Powers of light rise to the deed.

Last, a mystic focus,
Near the sea azure,
Jewel from deepest jungle,
A vessel truly pure.

Shadow’s edge, a watch is kept,
For light’s effort, she has wept,
See the vision, feel the sorrow,
E’er concerned for the morrow.

Finally, the game commences,
Light and Dark’s eternal war,
Intersects the mortal realm,
Which will reign for evermore?

Below the tow’ring stone of white,
In the Hall of Elemental Rite,
Relics and Jewel need set in place,
Else the world, feel Dark’s embrace.

Song of the Shadow

Sevænus AG ZenMilitant