Zo Rasten

Human Ranger


Zo is a typical woodsman, tall and strong. However, all his time alone in the woods has not allowed him to develop his intellectual and social skills which remain rather mediocre. He has green eyes and light brown hair.

Level 8
Neutral Good
S:15 / D:18 / C:16 / I:10 / W:16 / Ch:10
SV: Fort(+9), Ref(+10), Will(+5)
Init(+4); BAB(+8); Melee(+2); Ranged(+4); CMB(+9); CMD(24)
MV 30ft
AC 20 (Tch 13, FF 17)
Langs: Sagalic(III)
Short Sword, Dagger, +2 Long Comp Bow, +2 Studded Leather, Darkwood Buckler

Animal Companion: Dire Wolf named "Dawg"

Zo Rasten is the second child of Ro and Glee Rasten. Ro was a traveling merchant who specialized in selling anti-venom potions he would brew from the legs of giant spiders that populated the woods near his home. The effectiveness of the potions was never proven, but Ro was smart enough to keep moving before this was ever discovered. Ro’s wife, Glee, ran a small store in town where she would sell Ro’s fantastical, if somewhat worthless, potions and other items they would gather from the land. They enjoyed modest success and birthed two children, Glynnis, a daughter, and a son Zo, four years later.

When the town was attacked by goblinoids, most of the residents decided not to rebuild and they left. With their town shrinking and goblin attacks on the rise, Ro left to find his family a new town to settle in. He had not been heard from for years.

When Glynnis left to train as a tailor at the age of 18, Zo stayed on to help his mother keep their store open. Zo would venture out every morning to gather mushrooms, herbs and wild berries for their stock and spend his afternoons fishing and hunting small animals for sustenance. He befriended a local Ranger, Porg Maller, one of the heroes of the goblin battles that staved off any further attacks, and learned from him how to better use the bow he had been left by his father.

As Zo reached the age of 18, his mother knew it was time for him to venture out and find his own fate. She sent him off with a few rations, a backpack, a bedroll she had bartered for and his father’s bow. Porg outfitted him with an old set of studded leather armor and some advice… ”Take only what you need. Give only what you can.”

Zo Rasten

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