Half-Elf Rogue/Fighter


Dagen is rather tall, at 6 foot, for a half-elf, but his slender frame reflects more of his ancestry. He has green eyes and blond hair. He is relatively strong and very agile with a good stamina. He is above average mentally. From his childhood, having to fend for himself, he was original a rogue, but has recently been training as a more martial warrior.

Level 8
S16 / D18 / C14 / I13 / W14 / Ch10
SV: Fort(+7), Ref(+8), Will(+4)
Init(+8); BAB(+7); Melee(+3); Ranged(+4);
CMB(+10); CMD(25)
MV 30ft
AC 19 (Tch 15, FF 14)
Sagalic (III), Novashi (III), Mardanese (I), Climish (I)
Sun Sword; +2 Short Sword, Dagger, Sap,
MW Hand Xbow, +2 Leather
Brooch of Shielding(3), Cloak of Resistance +1

Dagen was born to an elven father and a human mother. Their life was a simple one living off the land. Dagen was being taught the elven way of life by his father. When Dagen was fifteen he was out on one of his “alone time” walks, and he heard screams coming from the direction of his home. When he returned home, he found his parents murdered, the house and crops burned to the ground.

Dagen tried to rebuild the life that his parents constructed, but he could not. He then set off to try to find a better life. Dagen survived by hunting, stealing or picking up odd jobs to pay for food. Dagen did jobs ranging from cleaning horse stalls to bounty hunting. Dagen preferred bounty hunting. Not only was the pay better, but also he enjoyed the hunt and capture. Many times the target did not know Dagen was hunting them until he had them caught.

Dagen preferred to be alone until he met Finn. Once she proved she was trustworthy and could handle herself, Dagen and Finn traveled together. Dagen often used Finn as a distraction to his targets. Once distracted, Dagen was able to move in for the capture.

Dagen still does not know who killed his parents, but is always looking for clues. The only clue he has is a medallion he found at the scene of his parents murder. The medallion has a design consisting of a lightning bolt and a sword. Dagen vowed that who ever killed his parents would suffer a fate worse than death. Until he takes revenge on the murderers, Dagen feels his life cannot be complete.


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