Sevænus AG

Getting Established

A girl, a cult, a quest, oh my...

After travelling to the town of Harriston, they are talking to the mayor trying to deduce the whereabouts of the marauders, when they are attacked by a group of orcs, gnolls, and dueregar. Fighting them off, they manage to capture one and extract some information as to where to find the marauders. (In some ruins to the southeast.) The captive girls are being sold but they are handed off by the leaders and he doesn’t know the details.

Following the directions, the party ventures into the woods. They manage to dodge some patrols but find the ruins of a church/monastery where they encounter 3 ogres. After some healing, the group follows tracks to the east which contain small human like prints. One night is interrupted as the camp is attacked by giant ants.

Further exploration reveals an area of darkness in a large clearing. Recon shows there to be an iron fence inside the gloom. The gate is located and they dare to move into the darkness. Inside they find a cemetery, several ghouls, and an old church marked with the symbol of Tolmet.

The first sojourn into the church they find two Bloodhulks. On the second foray they first encounter a gnome eamining the gates and darkness. After a brief discussion, they find their mission compatible and decide to join forces, enter Wolly Tonklis. This time in they find a Bloodhulk Giant and an evil cleric in a darkness spell. After a lengthy battle in which several persons are severely wounded, the bad guys are downed and several girls are rescued from on and around the altar. Unfortunately, one of the girls is dead.

Leaving the evil church, it is decided that the best course is to get to civilization as soon as possible. Wolly says that there is a small town of Jersen to the northeast, so that is the way the head. While avoiding more patrols, the party unfortunately encounters 3 giant spiders. The spiders are killed, but not before Thunk is knocked unconscious. From Jersen, they take the road back to Harriston, where they return the dead girl, Sasibel, to her family, and eventually on to Khanssa. One of the girls is Lorien, the daughter of Lord Blackwall. The other two girls, Reatha and Stacy, are healed further and returned to their families.



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