The Glass of Zyn'Kara


A roughly 6 foot tall mirror of smoky, frosty glass set in an ornate ebony wood frame. Marda and Kel’Mazod seem to know and understand a lot about the mirror; afterall, it was The Sisters of the Light that were trying to retrieve it.

After the prophecy, five gems appeared on the mirror; an emerald (LL), an amethyst (LR), a jacinth (UL), a pearl (UR), and a moonstone (top center), each slightly aglow from an inner light.

Since the commencement of the quests associated with the prophecy some of the gems are cracked and have stopped glowing each in turn with the completion of the related quest: the emerald, the amethyst, the jacinth, and the pearl. The moonstone continues to glow, changing color slightly occasionally to a slight red or slight blue color but usually settling back to white and it seems to be getting ever so slightly brighter day by day.


The Glass of Zyn'Kara

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