Wolly Tonklis

Dwarf Cleric


Wolly is tough and stocky, as any dwarf should be. He is not as physically gifted as some clerics, but his intellect is good and his wisdom is exceptional. He is a bit odd, but rather likeable. Wolly has auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Level 5
Chaotic Good
S:12 / D:13 / C:14 / I:15 / W:19 / Ch:11
SV: Fort(+6), Ref(+2), Will(+8)
Init(+1); BAB(+3); Melee(+1); Ranged(+1); CMB(+4); CMD(15*)
MV [20ft]
AC 17/S20 (Tch 11, FF 16);
Langs: Sagalic(III), Kaldani(III), Falazi(II), Mardanese(I)
+1 Warhammer, Daggers, Sling, Hvy Crossbow, Amulet of Mighty Fists(+1), +1 Hvy. Steel Shield

Wolly Tonklis

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