Half-Orc Barbarian Warrior


Thunk is a stereotypical half-orc, large and imposing, with black hair, red eyes and the normal grayish-green skin. He is naturally athletic and extremely powerful, but not much of a thinking man, and his personality leaves a bit to be desired. He is definitely more of a man of action, and lives for combat, the true test of man.

Level 8
Chaotic Neutral
S:21 / D:16 / C:16 / I:13 / W:13 / Ch:9
SV: Fort(+11), Ref(+5), Will(+3)
Init(+3); BAB(+8); Melee(+5); Ranged(+3); CMB(+13); CMD(27)
MV 40ft(30ft)
AC 23/S30(25) (Tch 13, FF 20);
Langs: Sagalic(III), Mardanese(III)
+2 Great Axe, Short Bow, Spiked Gauntlets, Warhammer, +3 Banded Mail, Hvy. Steel Shield

Th’nkol!c, “Thunk”, grew up mostly on his own in the wilds, apparently left to die as the product of a marauding raid on some farmstead. He’s not entirely sure, as his first memories are from the age of 3 or 4, running the woods as a feral animal when he encoutered a caravan. The people were similar to him, but still different. The difficult life in the wilds made him grow tough and strong, luckily he was rather large and this helped.

Sometime around his 12th year, when he was nearly as tall as he is now, he came across the remnants of an attacked caravan. He scavanged what he could in the way of weapons and armor, which he eventually trained himself to use. As time went by, he occassionally ran into a bandit or other foe from which he took improved arms and armor, learning slowly how better to use them.

Slowly, he started venturing closer and closer to the civilized settlements. As he was armed and armored, he was not often bothered as long as he stayed calm. Eventually, he realized that he could actually walk through town, as long as he acted like he belonged there. He learned the basics of money and trade, but mostly still lived off the land. He has come to accept the other humanoids and their strange ways, some of which he has adopted. He is still uncertain about magic, but has come to understand that it does have some advantages.


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