Lorien Blackwall

Human Fighter Rogue


Lorien is secluded and quiet. She is not necessarily a willing part of this prophecy. She was included based on her proximity at the time the mirror was activated. Her father took advantage of this fact to increase her combat training. Initially she didn’t like it, but she is starting to appreciate the skills and power.
Lorien has gray eyes, creamy skin, and dirty blond hair. She is slim, but from her training she has become fairly strong. She has a quick mind and an amiable personality.

Level 8
Chaotic Good
S:15 / D:14 / C:12 / I:16 / W:12 / Ch:16
SV: Fort(+6), Ref(+7), Will(+3)
Init(+2); BAB(+7); Melee(+2); Ranged(+2); CMB(+9); CMD(22)
MV 30ft(60ft)
AC 20/S24 (Tch 13, FF 17)
Langs: Sagalic(III), Novashi(III), Mardanese(I), Climish(I)
+3 Longsword, +1 Comp. Long Bow, +2 Scale Mail, +3 Steel Shield, Boots of Expedience, Cloak of Elevenkind

Lorien is Lord Blackwall’s Daughter and had no aspirations to be an adventurer. However, when her father asked her to join them for the examination of a recently acquired magical artifact as part of her courtly education in the ways of nobility, she was somehow included and tied to a prophecy involving the fate of the world. Reluctantly, she joined the expedition. Early on she didn’t care for it very much. The others were all more experienced than her, and she did not fair very well. Over time, she got better at it, her training improved her skills to be closer in ability to the others. AS such, she has come to enjoy her position in the group. Her father is secretly glad that she has become an adventurer, believing that it will temper her to better serve as the Lord/Lady of the manor after he is gone.

Lorien Blackwall

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