Kaenin Dvora

Half-Elf Ranger/Rogue


Kaenin is a half-elf with a sleek muscular frame reflective of his human ancestry. He has blue eyes, olive skin, and dark brown hair. He is relatively tough and very agile with a good strength. His father trained him in the forest ways of the Ranger, and through necessity he has learned the ways of the Rogue.

Level 8
Chaotic Neutral
S14 / D19 / C16 / I12 / W14 / Ch10
SV: Fort(+7), Ref(+11), Will(+4)
Init(+4); BAB(+6); Melee(+2); Ranged(+4); CMB(+8); CMD(23)
MV 40ft
AC 21 (Tch 15, FF 15)
Langs: Sagalic (III), Novashi (III), Climish (I)
+1 Longtooth; +2 Keen Short Sword, Darkwood Quarterstaff, Throwing Knives, +1 Adamantine Shirt, Boots of Striding & Springing, Eyes of the Eagle

Kaenin was born to an elven mother and a human father. They lived in an elven kingdom in the northlands. Kaenin’s father was a Ranger of the forest. When the Cult of Tolmet arranged for a coup, his mother was killed for her elven blood. He and his father fled to the forest, where his father taught him the ways of the Rangers.

While fighting against the tyrant and his army guerilla style his father was injured and disabled, thus leaving Kaenin somewhat on his own. He had been keeping an eye on things to exact revenge for his mother on the High Priest, Thorgrym. During his recon he intercepted messages looking for an heir to the displaced royal family. Further investigation revealed that there was an apparent heir in the Central Provinces to the south, a notable adventurer by the name of Dagen.

Kaenin has traveled south hoping to find this Dagen and gain an ally in his quest against the High Priest and the Cult of Tolmet that killed his mother, disabled his father, and destroyed the peaceful kingdom in which he once lived.

After traveling to the Central Provinces he found that Dagen was somewhat well known due to his involvement with some prophecy. He was also known for some adventuring exploits as part of a larger party, including a Half-Orc, a Dwarf, and several females. From the city of Khanssa, Kaenin had learned that Dagen’s group had recently headed east toward Sloois. There it was reported that a group fitting their description had met a woman and after a battle with several Bugbears had headed southwest. Kaenin was able to pick up their tracks and follow them. The tracks led into a swamp making them a bit harder to follow. After losing and reacquiring the trail multiple times and finding the bodies of some Dark Creepers, a Behir, and some Harpies at separate battle sites, most recently he has found a dead Ogre, Orc Priest/Shaman, and a huge blood-bloated undead creature near the ruins of an old building. The trail is fresh and still leads south-southwesterly.

As you continue, you find the body of a snakelike creature with a female human head at on location and a dead black dragon at another. Following the trail southwesterly, you can hear the sounds of battle ahead of you. As you approach, you can see a group battling large giant type creatures. A quick glimpse shows the giant creatures to be one-eyed Cyclops, while the other group consists of a human archer, a female human warrior, a Dwarven priest, a female elven spell caster, a Half-Elf fighter, a Half-Orc barbarian, and a female Half-Elf priestess.

Kaenin Dvora

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