Janella Darksbane

Half-Elf Cleric


Janella has the green eyes and creamy skin of an elf, but her raven black hair gives away her human lineage. She is slim, but from the tenets of her father she is far from frail. She is not overly powerful, but she moves well and is a little tougher than might be expected. She has a sharp mind when she applies herself. She has often been told she is beautiful, but she’s not sure if she believes that or if it is just people being nice.

Level 8
Neutral Good
S:10 / D:12 / C:14 / I:14 / W:17 / Ch:18
SV: Fort(+8), Ref(+3), Will(+9)
Init(+1); BAB(+6); Melee(+0); Ranged(+1)
MV 30ft(20ft)
AC 18 (Tch 11, FF 17)
Langs: Sagalic(III), Novashi(III), Eshyta(II), Mardanese(I), Climish(I)
Quarterstaff, Daggers, Crossbow, Sling, Bracers(+2AC), Amulet of Natural Armor(+3AC)

Janella is the only child of Neia, an elven apothecary, and Roland Darksbane, a human Ranger. As an adventurer, Roland wasn’t around often, but when he was he would tell Janella fabulous stories of his adventures. Janella was raised by her mother in a small village and learned the simple life, but her dreams danced with the excitement of her father’s stories. She once asked her mother why they didn’t live deep in the forest with the other elven clans. The answer she got was very not-committal; she later learned that her mother’s family had not been pleased with her choice of a human husband.

Being around the apothecary shoppe, she learned a little about herbology. Janella often watched her mother deal with customers. From this, she learned the art of negotiation and how to “read” people.

As Janella came of age she discovered that she had a natural talent with magic as a Sorcerer. Tolson, an elven Sorcerer, friend and customer of her mother’s, started training her in the ways of magic. While she enjoyed it, she seemed to think maybe there was something more for her. Her mother had always commented on how lucky she was, noting that “Tymora smiles on her”, which is probably what led to her following the path of Tymora. This was also kindled by the stories of her father, referencing the randomness of battle and adventure. It helped that he too was a worshipper of Tymora.

Gweneth, the daughter of the local tailor, is her very best friend. Together they learned to sew and Janella adopted the hobby of making small quilted pouches from scraps of cloth. Many people commented on the interesting and complex patterns she was able to create from just bits and pieces. It was from Gweneth that she earned the nickname “Nella”.

Eventually, word reached Janella and her mother that her father had died on one of his adventures. More stories followed, but something in the tales just didn’t seem right to her, and she suspected that he had been betrayed. As time went by her suspicions got stronger until she finally decided to take to the adventuring life herself in the hopes of learning what had actually befallen her father.

Janella Darksbane

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