Finn de'Luce

Elven Sorceress


Finn has light brown hair and green eyes. She is slender and petite. She moves well, has average strength, and is a tougher than she looks. She has an above average mind and a strong personality.

Level 8
Lawful Good
S:11 / D:16 / C:14 / I:15 / W:13 / Ch:16
SV: Fort(+4), Ref(+5), Will(+7)
Init(+7); BAB(+4); Melee(+0); Ranged (+3); CMB(+7); CMD(19)
MV 30ft(20ft)
AC 16 (Tch 16, FF 12)
Langs: Sagalic (III), Novashi (III), Eshytta (II)
+1 Heavy Mace (Frost), +2 Ring/Protect, Headband of Intellect +2
Wand of Magic Missiles(3)

Finn de Luce is the oldest daughter of King Marcus and Queen Julia of the Draven Elf Clan. She studied with the finest tutors and scholars in the region. Finn trained as a sorceress with the court sorcerer. Finn’s home was a vast tree palace, known as Duna Toth, where her quarters were large, airy, and sumptuous. All the furniture has been handmade and her bedding includes 900 thread-count sheets. Use to a life of luxury, she is not as thrilled with the newly acquired life-style of an adventurer!

She has two sisters, three years younger, that are identical twins, Olivia and Alexandria, while her two brothers, Percy and Jace, are five and seven years her junior.

Finn had four pets as a child – a black panther named Nik, a husky dog named Bailey, a red-tailed hawk named Jack, and a cat named Alice. She took the hawk as her familiar when she became a sorceress, but had to leave the others behind during her rite of passage travels.

Finn’s fiancé is Dagen, a half-elf she came across during a scouting party that had been wounded by a worg and needed medical attention. Finn watched over Dagen’s recovery and as he returned to health and they became friends. Dagen’s wounds took quite awhile to completely heal and Finn and Dagen were able to spend a lot of time together and a romance blossomed.

As a rite of passage, Finn and Dagen have embarked on an adventure to gain additional experience needed to eventually rule the kingdom.

Finn de'Luce

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