Sevænus AG

To Venture Once More

The tropics, hot and sticky.

Returning home, the party learns that Lord Blackwall is responding well, and the cure they helped retrieve is working. Meanwhile, they are trying to find a reason for the assassins. In other matters, the retrieval of the goblet is a good sign. The next item required is the “pure jewel”, but no one seems to know what that means, perhaps a precious stone of some kind. The clues of “jungle” and “sea azure” seem to refer to the wilds on a peninsula to the southeast, the natives there frequently refer to the great water as the Azure Sea.

Traveling southeast for almost two weeks, the party draws the ire of a clan of Girallon (four-armed white gorilla creaturtes) by accidentally wandering into their territory while traveling through the warm jungles. A battle near a small jungle waterfall with 3 Large and one Huge left the Girallon dead and the party injured.

Deep in the jungle the party finds a large temple surrounded by a large wall. As they try to pass through he gate, a trap is sprung closing the doors and gates to the gateway. Other doors open revealing the 2 Gorgon guardians. A lengthy battle follows, and luckily no one was petrified permanently.

After climbing over the wall, they have to cross a large open area of dusty, sandy dirt scattered with large stones before another wall well over 100 feet away. Trying to move through this area, the rocks start to move, a couple rise to stand on short solid legs appearing to be living boulders, the others unfurl large bat-like wings with the appearance of rough stone. Once again combat ensues leaving 2 Galeb Duhr and 5 Gargoyles dead. The party retreats for some much needing healing.

Near the center of the village a large ceremony is taking place and everyone seems to be in attendance. As they approach the party sees the crown of snake-like people who are watching several reptilian creatures in armor and/or clerical vestments. They seem to be in the middle of some kind of ritual. At the top of a pyramid like structure can also be seen what appears to be a small girl with dark hair. They seem to be angry with and a little afraid of her, although she looks to be rather complacent.

They get fairly close using a stealthy approach, but they are eventually spotted. The majority of the creatures flee to elsewhere in the village taking cover and hiding; however, the guards and priests attack. They party amazing survives a large battle with 12 Pureblood Yuan-Ti, 2 Halfblood Yuan-Ti, and 1 Yuan-Ti Abomination, but still suffers significant damage, including Dagen and Lorien being poisoned and taking some CON damage.

Through all this the young girl has remained at the top of the temple and waits patiently until the party approaches her. With some halting unsteady speech she explains that she is the “Jewel of Purity”. Her name is Taeriss and she had recently been talking in tongues (when she also recited the Song of the Shadow). The village also determined her to be of an unacceptable moral fiber and she was to be sacrificed. She was not concerned, for one of the visions she had seen was of the party rescuing her and taking her with them, as she is also a part of the prophecy.

A search of the temple finds a treasure store that the party takes with them.



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