Sevænus AG

More Than Meets the Eye

A Prophecy *and* Assassins

After returning home, the party takes some much needed time to rest and train. During a celebratory banquet, there was an assassination attempt on the royal family. Four Vadashek assassins rudely disturbed the festivities. The attempt left several guards dead, one of the assassins dead, and Lord Blackwall incapacitated from poison. Marda heals him to a point, but says she has only slowed it down. The assassins are identified as members of the Vadashek assassin clan.

Following directions based on research by Kel’Mazod, the group travels south toward “Tembral”. Along the way, they encounter and kill 5 bugbears.

In the southern swamps, they come to the small village of Lin’stoar. Overheard rumors lead to the mayor’s house where a large charred hole has been ripped in the wall. Apparently, the mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped by ogres. Detect Magic shows faint traces of Illusion & Evocation magic. An inspection of the tracks indicates that the creatures that took the girl were not ogres and they headed off into the swamp.

The villagers say that part of the swamp is a very bad place. A witch-woman named Crazy Hattie used to live there. Supposedly she died, but the strange happenings did not stop.

Following the tracks into the swamp leads to a small house. Inside the house, a secret passage is found down to a large underground temple. Inside is a great quantity of undead creatures. It takes three ventures into the temple to finally destroy all the undead, 20 small zombies, 16 medium zombies, 2 large zombies, 10 medium skeletons, 2 large skeletons, 12 ghouls, 2 wights, a shadow, and a vampire spawn. The mayor’s daughter had been sacrificed in a gruesome way. Parts were taken to return to the family for identification. Among the treasure, they find a small wooden box containing a purple crystal.

On the way back to town, they come upon an overturned cart with an old man and an injured old woman. The group is very suspicious and approaches cautiously. But, when they cast a Detect Magic spell, the area is enveloped in a magical fog. A battle ensues against 2 annis hags and a green hag. The 2 annis hags are killed, but the green hag escapes.

However, after all the battles, the group is a bit worse for the wear. Several of them were energy drained and suffering from a negative level. And, Dagen had been Cursed by one of the hags.



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