Sevænus AG

And So, It Begins.

A Prophecy of ill omen

After a relatively uneventful trip home, the party again takes some time to train and rest. During some discussion and research into the found items (a medallion with the name “Roland Darksbane” and a Holy Symbol for the god Tolmet, a symbol that Dagen recognizes from the scene of his parents deaths), the group decides to talk to Marda. Janella takes the medallian, as Roland Darksbane happens to be her father’s name.

At the keep, after the coversation with Marda, the group is informed that there has been some information indicating that they are all tied to the mirror somehow. They gathering with several others in a room with the mirror. When Lorien Blackwall joins them, suddenly the mirror flashes and several persons (Dagen, Finn, Janella, Lorien, Thunk, Wollytonks, and Zo) see a series of images that they all translate the same into a Prophecy, the Song of the Shadow. Five gems have appeared on the frame of the mirror; a moonstone in the top center, a pearl in the upper right, a jacinth in the upper left, an amethyst in the lower right, and an emerald in the lower left.

Some discussion yields that the Endroc Empire was an island nation off the coast to the southeast, long since gone but there are some ruins, Tembral is unknown by anyone, and D’Hadra was somewhere up north.

Based on this data and the feel that time is important, they travel overland to the coast, hire a boat and explore the islands of the former Endroc Empire. They find an island chain with an old fortress and a small chapel. Inside the chapel they find evidence of a sacrifice and encounter some Imps, Howlers, and Durzagon. After a short battle, the surviving enemies appear to teleport out.

Further exploration leads to the far end of the island and the fortress ruins. Getting there proves a bit difficult travelling along rope bridges, one of which is broken. The fortress is in ruin, but still relatively in tact. Several forays into the fortress involving combat with many Kuo-Toa, a Sea Hag, and a couple of Chuul, result in victory and treasure, but no artifact. A locked room in the basement is broken into, where they find a chest. Inside there is some treasure including a green crystalline knife with a leather wrapped handle.



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