Sevænus AG

Something is Up...

A ship in the desert, what could go wrong?

The party takes some time to rest, heal, and train. After this brief respite, they are summoned once again by Lord Blackwall. As they are escorted into the main hall, they notice very few courtesans in the hall. This appears to not be a social call. Along side Lord Blackwall are a thin white-haired advisor,Kel’Mazod; Tharssen; a tattooed woman with flowing robes and a white blindfold, and a dark figure hidden by the cowl of his cloak.

The woman is Marda, Prelate of the Enlightened Savants of Thoth, also known as “Sisters of the Light”. She has a missing compatriot that was tasked with the retrieval of an artifact. The missing Sister was sent with a small retinue quite some time ago and is more than two weeks overdue to return. The man in the cloak is her protector, Pactra. She will explain that with the recommendation of Tharssen and Lord Blackwall, the Enlightened Savants of Thoth would like to hire the party to escort her and assist in the retrieval and return of both the compatriot and the artifact. Marda has a special link that allows her to know if the other Sister, Lythea, is still alive and in what general direction. Pactra’s only duty on this expedition is to maintain the welfare of Marda, for which she assures you that he is more than up to the task.

After some preparation, the group sets out to the Southwest, following Marda’s “link”. After 9 days, Zo finds some tracks and while following them, the party finds the ruins on an ancient ship in a small box canyon. Some investigation reveals that there are some undead creatures on the ship. What starts out as a small battle, quickly grows into a fight for dear life. With some timely intervention by Marda and Pactra, the battle is won. A lot of damage was taken, and Zo was drained a level, but Marda is able to set that right the next day.

Continuing to follow the “link”, they now travel more westward. After another 6 days, while finding some tracks intermittantly, they eventually come to a more rocky mountainous terrain. Encountering a patrol of 3 rat-men creatures, a small battle follows and the rat-men are dead.

Another couple days west, and Marda says the direction now has a feel of “down” as well as west. Some looking around shows that there are several opening that could possibly be caves. Several are no very deep. But they find one that obviously goes deeper. Exploration shows that this is not the right cave as it is the home of a 6-headed Hydra. Oops!! A large battle leaves a dead Hydra.

During further searching, some more rat-men are seen entering a cave. An attempt at stealth fails, and the guard runs into the cave, only to return with reinforcements, 5 more rat-men. Entering the cave, they venture forth with little resistance, only to find a very large cave filled with Rat-men. Up on a stone structure are a large mirror and a captive Lythea. Marda expalins that the mirror is what we are here for and it should not be broken. All hell breaks loose and with some vital assistance from Marda and Pactra, they day is won, Lythea rescued, and the mirror captured.



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